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Intentional Creativity & 7Directions ® Dance


Intentional Creativity and 7Directions Dance

Saturday, Feb 9, 1-8:30pm  

Paint & Dance Your Wisdom Alive

Wisdom can take many forms in our lives. Resilience. Self-care. Inner power. Trust. Love. Courage.

If wisdom had a face, what would it look like?

If wisdom could dance, how would it move?

Join Staci Boden and Jane Sanguinetti for an afternoon of creative visioning, inspired painting and joyful dance to connect with wisdom as a powerful resource you can carry into any life circumstance.

We'll gather in a circle for personal sharing to explore what wisdom you need and how it might relate to an intention. Next, Jane becomes a guide to discover the face of your wisdom and invoke the canvas as a portal to deepen relationship. No painting experience necessary, at all.

After a break, we'll move into 7Directions, an earth-based dance ceremony. Led by founder Staci Boden, after checking-in, we'll call upon sacred elements and voice intentions aloud. From there, surrounded by our collective creativity, we'll be free to shake, shout, shimmy and laugh to dance our wisdom alive. No dance experience necessary, at all.

Testimonials from previous art and dance journeys:

"I loved the process of sitting in circle together, and then being led by Jane through the possibilities....The most profound part was afterwards, seeing all of the paintings together, the magnificence, the uniqueness, the power...Then we hung them on the wall, and danced with them and with the ceremony. It was very powerful for me." - MR

"To be honest, painting isn't my thing. But Jane led me through a meaningful process that ignited my vision and inspired me to paint a part of myself I haven't met in years. Later, Staci led a magical dance ceremony with the most amazing cross-section of music. I've been in 7Directions for years, and it was as if our paintings joined us on the dance floor and brought a whole new level of sacred to my experience. My painting continues to be with me reminding who I am. " BD

Date: Saturday, February 9
Time: 1pm-8:30pm
Location: Joy of Being, Moss Beach
Tuition: EARLY BIRD PRICE $150 if paid by Feb 4 Reg price $180 (includes all art supplies/canvas)
Extra: Yummy snack after dance
Open to anyone over 18.
Pre-registration required: pm Staci Boden or Jane Sanguinetti

Staci Boden, MA, is  a life guide, ceremonialist, spiritual counselor, teacher, hands-on energy worker and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways

With over 15 years of individual and group facilitation, Staci integrates spiritual learning with practical communication for people to develop resilience, strength, humor or whatever they need to feel more balanced inside.  

A founder of 7Directions in 2002, Staci leads dance ceremony for the public, ongoing women's groups and weekend retreats throughout the Bay Area. As a 'teacher's teacher", she developed the 7Directions Facilitator Training, leading the program with Ruby Monsen until 2018. 

Individual and couple's sessions with Staci include interactive coaching and energy healing to get past stuck towards more conscious and connected living. Visit Staci at  Dancing-Tree Consulting.


Jane Sanguinetti is the founder and owner of Joy of Being, curating community with yoga classes, sacred events and healing sessions in Moss Beach since 2008.

Jane is a Holistic Coach, Intuitive, Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Artist.  For the past 16 years, she has been devoted to individuals with a clear intention to deeply support them in finding the sacred in life and returning to joy and freedom in Being. Jane is a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and artist at Cosmic Cowgirls and a 7Directions Dance Ceremony Facilitator.